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Powell Business and Professional Association

The Powell Business and Professional Association (PBPA) is an association of business and professional men and women either living in, owning or operating a business or service in the Powell Community.  We are dedicated to improving the aiding in the development of the community.  We work together to bring businesses and community people together to make Powell a progressive and serving community of which one can be proud and encourage the support of local business and services.

The purpose of the PBPA is:

1. For fellowship of members
2. To aid in community relations
3. To promote community business and business relationships.


As a PBPA member, you have many opportunities to “network”, interact with your target audience and build strong relationships with others.  By building connections with other members, you can increase sales, create strategic alliances and broaden your sphere of influence.


The PBPA monthly meetings are held every second Tuesday of each month at Jubilee Banquet Facility.  Meetings start at noon and tend to last an hour.  Time is available before and after the meeting to network and build relationships.


The PBPA is compromised of business and professional women and men who are committed to being responsive and supportive to the needs of the Powell community by facilitating the delivery of programs that support business and professional excellence, higher education and economic development.